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Our Story

Michael Murphy is an actor and stuntman based in Central Florida. He began working with leather at a dinner show, repairing pieces of costumes, armor, and horse equipment. He then started making his own accessories and dove deeper into the craft of leather work.

The first pieces he made were simple pieces of armor and belts, but his skill grew. He then experimented with making bags and purses. To increase the appeal of his products he learned to carve and hand tool designs. His skill set expanded to include holsters, gun belts, and sword belts. Also, more complicated armor pieces including full chest and torso armor.

Next in his journey, he began making chain maille armor. Head pieces made of steel wire, turned into links, then stitched together in the classic 4-in-1 pattern. But then, he discovered that jewelry could be made as well. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, made of complex patterns from small, intricate links of gold, silver, and other metals.

Through Michael’s work in stage combat and stunts, he began to work with bullwhips. Interested in how they function, he learned about how they were made. After a few sub-standard first tries, he began to get the feel of the braiding and binding that makes bullwhips the formidable tool/weapon that they are.

Now he continues to pursue his acting and stunt career, but in-between adventures, Michael continues to enjoy crafting

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