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Cat-O-Nine Roses

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Product Details

Cat-O-Nine Tails made of quality kangaroo leather with cowhide roses on the tails.

Kangaroo is the toughest leather, ten times stronger than cowhide. That means this flogger will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

The handle is a fiberglass rod wrapped in cowhide then covered with hand cut kangaroo lace. The tails are also hand cut kangaroo lace and are stitched onto the cowhide creating a strong connection that will last. The roses and leaves are cowhide. The leaves are stitched on with thick durable thread. The roses are tied on with knots.

Due to supply issues, the only colors available now are Black, Brown, or Chocolate. The selection will be updated once suppliers have more stock to choose from. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Roses are available in Red, Yellow, Pink, and Black. For other colors, please send a request through email.

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