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Cat-O-Nine Tails

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Cat-o-Nine Tails, or flogger, made from paracord.

Paracord is less expensive than leather and requires less maintenance.

These floggers are made of three layers of braiding which covers the handle and extend to become the tails. This makes the tails integral to the design and therefore virtually impossible to become detached.

Due to the construction, color options are limited to which tails can be which colors. Up to three colors can be chosen and the tails are divided into two, three, and four of each color. The handle will match the group of four tails. This can be seen in the pink, purple, and black flogger in the photos. If if less than three colors are chosen, please chose which layer the second color will be.

Knots on the handle and transition will be made to match color options chosen.

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